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Free download of EATWOT's theological Journal VOICES from its webpage. Last issue: March 2013.

See the Theological Proposal on the «Post-religional Paradigm»,
presented and fully explained in the VOICES issue of March2012.
Take the Proposal here, in five languages.
Or download the entire issue (350 pages, in thre Languages), here.

Ecological Vision & Planetary Survival: (English & Spanish verson): proposal for theological debate.

2006-April 2012 Report of Activities of Latin American and International Theological Commissions.

EATWOT's Theological Commission participatd in the WFTL's Assembly at Dakar, Senegal, aimed to elaborating
an agenda for theology at global level for the next two year. We offer our paper as a contribution to the debate. You can pick it up
en español (150 Kb), en français, in English, in italiano and em português.
VOICES's last issue (December 2012),
edited in collaboration with WFTL, World Forum on Theology and Liberation, retakes the theme and continues the debate.
Pick up your digital copy of VOICES of December of 2012 (2'5 Mb).

EATWOT's International Theological Commission's DOCUMENTS:
Theological Proposal on a Post-religional Paradigm
(550 kb, 5 languages),
Document on Religious Pluralism (300 kb, 4 languages),
Document on Ecological Vision and Planetary Survival
(370 kb, 2 languages).

Workshops on «Religions & Peace» at the World SocialForum, February 8, 2011,
sponsored by the World Forum on Theology and Liberation,
and conducted by EATWOT's International Theological Commission.
Please, pick up your booklet (900 kb, version 2.08) in four languages.

See the Fifth and last volumenof the series«Along the Many Paths of God», entitled «Toward a Planetary Theology»
edited by Jose M. VIGIL, with the participaton of

M. Amaladoss (India), M. Barros (Brasil), A. Brighenti (Brasil), E.K-F. Chia (Malasya), A. Egea (España),
P. F. Knitter (EEUU), D. R. Loy (EEUU), L. Magesa (Tanzania), J. Neusner (EEUU), I.A. Omar (EEUU), T. Okure (Nigeira),
R. Panikkar (India-España), P.C. Phan (Vietnam-EEUU), A. Pieris (Sry Lanka), R. Renshaw (Canadá),
J.A. Robles (Costa Rica), K.L. Seshagiri (EEUU), A.M.L. Soares (Brasil) y F. Teixeira (Brasil).
By Dunamis Publishers of Montreal, Canada.
See the contents, and «ad», the first cover, the cover at full resolution (for printing).

See the full series «Along the Many Paths of God»
in English, in Spanish, in Portuguese or Italian.

Some of these books are shareware.You can download them there.

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